Wireless home automation products are also a part of home security. Home automation 4 468692317Home automation refers in part to the kinds of products that make your daily living more convenient, such as the thermostat and audio visual settings, but it also refers to the kinds of products that make your home more secure. Home security doesn’t mean that you have to rely on your Rottweiler or your 12 gauge to keep burglars away. You can rely on home automation products to keep your home secure. Here’s a list of some of the wireless home automation products that help with home security.

Door and Window Sensors –

With a magnetic security sensor on your window and one on the window frame, or one on your front door and the other on the door frame, you’ll be notified the second someone opens that door or window. These wireless home automation products monitor when someone comes in or out of your home so that you don’t have to pay careful attention to it yourself, thus providing you with the finest home security and home automation rolled into one.

Glass Break Sensors –

Similarly, these wireless home automation products monitor your windows for you. They are able to detect the frequency and feeling of glass breaking, so if that is the way that a criminal chooses to enter your home, you will receive a wireless signal from the sensor notifying you that someone has broken a window.

Garage Door Alarm / Garage Door Sensor –

garage-door-sensorNobody likes the feeling of suddenly remembering when you’re just about to park at your office after a long morning commute into the city that you forgot to close the garage door when you left. But with wireless home automation products like a garage door alarm or garage door sensor, you can receive a remote wireless signal that the garage door is open. And some sensors can be set to automatically close the garage door after they are left open for a certain number of minutes. This will save you the trouble of ever having to close the garage again (which is convenient for you AND safer for your home security).

Electronic Door Locks –

We all know that the deadbolt and chain lock are tried and true methods for home security. But wireless home automation products can increase security because they are automatically always set to “secure” mode. When you’re going in and out, you usually don’t lock the deadbolt or chain because it’s a hassle. But with electronic door locks, your door will automatically remain locked until you authorize access with the correct key code or digital key on your smartphone.

There are also several other wireless home automation products not on this list that can improve home security. The beauty of them all is that they are wirelessly connected – they have no confusing wires that are hard to manage and can be cut or damaged. A wireless home security system is connected with radiofrequency waves that are difficult to interrupt or intercept. Wireless home security can be easy on you if you use home security products like these.