Installing a wireless security camera system is an excellent idea for home security, primarily because it will increase the amount of monitoring and surveillance you’re able to do for your property. You know how little kids will wait until you turn your back to do that thing you’ve told them not to do, only so that you can’t prove they did it because you didn’t see it happen? crime-89679921That’s how it works with most burglars; they wait until they know you’re not watching to break into your home and steal your goods so that you can’t prove they did it. But with a wireless security camera system, you’re always watching, so there’s little they can get away with.

Regardless of the kinds of security cameras you install for video surveillance of your property, a wireless security camera system has three distinct parts. These are the cameras, the monitor, and the recording device.

Cameras –

Obviously, security cameras are a huge part of a wireless security camera system. These come in several varieties: there’s the pan tilt zoom camera, the most expensive one that allows you to see in multiple directions and at multiple zoom levels; there’s the dome camera, which is a fairly recognizable camera but which is also an easy way to keep people under constant surveillance; there’s the hidden camera, the one that isn’t even recognizable because it’s inside a smoke alarm or sprinkler head; there’s the pro box camera, with high quality video and day to night color switching for prime viewing conditions; and there are yet other types of security cameras. With a wireless security camera system, they’re all wirelessly connected to each other and they can be placed almost anywhere. Some will still have a cord that needs to be plugged in, but others are battery powered and can literally be placed wherever you want them to be.827585_75890335

Monitor –

The monitor is the part of the wireless security camera system that allows you to see what the cameras are seeing. Having a security camera system set up without a monitor would be pretty useless because the whole reason to install cameras is to keep eyes on the places you can’t monitor yourself. So the cameras will transmit their video feed through radiofrequency waves over the air to the monitor in order for you to see what’s going on outside, at the back door, in the basement, etc.

Recording Device –

Whether it’s DVR, an SD card, or some other form of digital recording, every wireless security camera system can record the footage that the cameras capture. This is also to help you keep things monitored when you can’t be everywhere at once – you can’t always be sitting there watching the monitor, and if something happened a moment ago that sent you an alarm, you’d probably like to go back and review the video feed to see what really happened. Recording is especially useful for when you’re out of town on long trips; that way you can review the feed later when you return home.

A wireless security camera system needs these three pieces to function properly. Once they’re all in place, your home security system will be something you can count on to keep your home well monitored and guarded against criminal activity.