If you’re here looking for information on what kind of home security camera you should get, you should know that there are plenty of varieties to choose from. This is only fitting, because every home and every homeowner can’t expect that others all need the same kinds of camera features for their home security. Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331Even so, there are a few types of security cameras that are more commonly used than others as home security products. Perhaps the four most common home security camera varieties are dome cameras, pro box cameras, hidden cameras, and pan tilt zoom cameras. These are each described in greater detail below.

Dome Home Security Camera

A dome camera comes in a dome casing. They can be used indoors or outdoors, offering video surveillance no matter where you are on your property. With these security cameras, you can expect that you’ll experience quality resolution imaging. This is even the case when the camera has a smoked dome lens, which is a common way of disguising the direction in which the camera is facing. The dome casing or camera housing can actually be used for box cameras and pan tilt zoom cameras as well.

Pro Box Home Security Camera

A pro box camera also has high quality imaging. These are mostly known for their ability to transition from day to night footage by changing the coloring in low lux conditions. During the day they will record video in color, while at night they’ll record in black and white so that it is easier to see the images.

Hidden Home Security Camera

If the goal is to increase home security video surveillance without others knowing about it, hidden cameras can offer a great deal of assistance. These can be placed in smoke detectors, motion sensors, even sprinkler heads so that nobody will suspect the surveillance.Modern living room and balcony 154015023 Unfortunately, because they have to be hidden, they are usually not weatherproof and don’t use infrared imaging, which makes them less sturdy and also less capable of clear nighttime viewing. But when put with other devices, you have the added benefit of two functions in one device – for example, a smoke detector hidden camera can warn you about a fire AND keep your home under video surveillance.

Pan Tilt Zoom Home Security Camera

Last on this list is the pan tilt zoom camera. We’ve saved the best for last because these security cameras really are amazing. They can pan right or left, tilt up and down, and zoom so that you can see up close the little details that often escape security camera shots. And on top of that, they can do this remotely or with a joystick. The DVR can also change the view, and the pan tilt zoom camera can be programmed to pan, tilt, and zoom at predetermined times of day or night. It’s no surprise that with all the features these cameras have and all that they can do for home security, they cost about $500 minimum apiece.

One of these cameras may be perfect for you, or maybe you’re caught between two different types. Chances are you’ll need not just one home security camera but a few, so feel free to allow yourself to purchase multiple types for complete security coverage.