Classic home security just got better with the invention of wireless home alarms. Home security used to be all about the alarm – you’d have a system set up with electrical circuits that would send a signal to a control panel the moment someone opened a door in the middle of the night. Typing alarm code 187979771Then the control panel would alert the alarm and the whole house would start ringing from the rafters with an earsplitting shriek of an alarm. And both you and the criminal would feel like you are stuck back in some sketchy party at the college quarterback’s house, complete with flashing lights and deafening music that nobody can understand. But now, wireless home alarms are a whole lot more subtle.

Modern Security is A Wonder

With the way home alarm systems used to be, it’s a wonder that burglars were ever apprehended for their crimes.Burglary crime - burglar opening a door 183991278 It used to be that the criminals could run away the moment the alarm went off because they knew they’d been caught and would have to try again another time. Now, they have no idea when they’ve been caught because there are no flashing lights or sirens. Instead, the alarm sends a signal to your control panel and your monitoring service receives a phone call. It’s a message that has been pre-recorded by yours truly so that they know there may be a problem at your house. Without making a scene, they can send local law enforcement to your address to apprehend the intruder before he or she even realizes that they’ve been discovered.

Not only are wireless home alarms better than they used to be, but the fact that they’re wireless makes the whole security system better. Take, for example, a wired home security system: You’ve got all kinds of wiring hooked up around your house and through your walls, and each security gadget is hooked up to wiring so that they can all communicate with each other. The wires are really reliable, so long as nobody cuts them. So that’s all fine if left well alone, except when one of the security devices stops working for some reason. Is it the device that’s on the fritz or is the connection to the system what’s gone down? You have to sort through the mess of confusing wiring to figure out which one might be the cause, and if you’re lucky, finding the right one will lead to the fix.

cell-174426932Now take a wireless home security system: You’ve got no wiring hooked up around your house or through your walls. Instead, each security gadget is “hooked up” wirelessly so that they can all communicate with each other. The wireless connection is really reliable (and nobody can cut it). It’s all fine if left well alone OR if it’s not left well alone. When one of the security devices stops working for some reason, it’s really easy to figure out the source of the problem. If you think it’s the connection, simply pick up the device and move it to a few new locations. If that doesn’t help, you know it’s the device, so you can then take it into a security professional to look at the product and repair it. It’s a simple fix for a simple problem.

Home alarms do not have to be overly complicated with wiring. Wireless home alarms are simple and easy to manage, more secure and reliable, and – let’s face it – they’re better than the old security systems. With wireless home alarms, classic home security just got better.